Monday, November 26, 2012

16 Weeks!

Sorry for the bad lighting!  On Saturday I turned 16 weeks.  I have a doctors appointment on Thursday.  Not much has been going on this week with me and the baby.  My husband was in the hospital last week, so that was really stressful.  Otherwise, all is good.

I have been peeing a ton!  I know that is TMI, but dang.  It also takes me forever to get comfortable at night. My belly just seems to get in the way. ;)  I also have a lot of swelling (as you can see) and cramping.  If I am on my feet too long I pay for it at night.  

I take Zofran about 4 days a week because my nausea is NOT better.  My heartburn is also worse, so I am asking for something stronger than Zantac on Thursday.  I am eating every 3-4 hours to help with the nausea and to help keep my blood sugar regulated.  I am still eating 15-17 carbs a day to help with that as well. 

Next weeks update will be a little more interesting because of my appointment!

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