Thursday, November 29, 2012

Ornament Wreath

Have you ever seen an ornament wreath?  I think they are so pretty.  I was recently at a craft shop and they had handmade ornament wreaths for a whopping $30!  No way!  I looked and saw how I could make it for much much much cheaper.  

Last year I bought all new bulbs for our tree because my husband and I are huge Minnesota Vikings fans.  I picked up purple, gold, and Vikings ornaments for 60-90% off last year at Hobby Lobby.  That meant all my Martha Stewart ornaments were just sitting in the basement.  What better way to use them?  

Disclaimer:  It gets dark at about 4:30 here this time of year.  The lighting in these pictures is horrible.  Sorry about that.  Also, I do NOT recommend using glitter bulbs.  Shortly after starting this project it was clear I would be in a glitter nightmare.  It gets EVERYWHERE, but I am cheap and was using what I had.  

 You will need a wire hanger (I had to scrounge the depths of my basement to find one!), any NON BREAKABLE bulb ornaments you might have, and embellishments (optional). FYI:  You will need A LOT of bulbs!  My guess would be 70-80. 

Step 1:  Unwind the hanger at the top and shape it into a circle.  This does not need to be perfect.  

Step 2:  Feed the ornaments onto the hanger.  Use the side that is not shaped like a hook.  You can use any ornaments you want.  I just randomly put mine on.  As you get more on the will fill in and start looking nice.  

Step 3:  This step was a little tricky for me.  Once your hanger is completely full of bulbs, twist the ends of the hanger back together.  Be gently while doing this because I had a few bulbs break off at the metal part.  

Step 4:  Add a bow!  I cannot for the life of me make a nice bow, so I spent the $3 at Walmart and bought one.  Totally worth if for me.  :)  

Now your wreath is ready to hang!  I had every intention of putting this up on the door, so I could show you.  Yeah, well...I seemed to have misplaced my door wreath hanger.  I need to get a new one this weekend.  

This took me about an hour to make and about just as long to clean up all the dang glitter!  I am STILL finding glitter all over the desk and office.  :(  Have I ever mentioned that I hate glitter?  :)  The plus side is that this only cost me $3 (the price of the bow).  I used what I had on hand and if I ever get sick of the wreath I can still use the ornaments. 

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  1. Too Cute! I will make the wreath this week-end. I will try to find bulbs from the dollar store.

  2. Have fun! Yes, don't spend a ton on the bulbs. These are (mostly) Martha Stewart bulbs, but I got them after Christmas years ago for basically nothing. I want to make one more wreath, but I might wait and get the bulbs once they go on sale and do it next year. It does take a lot of bulbs, but they looks so nice when they are done. Plus they are way cheaper to make!