Sunday, November 25, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan 11.25--12.01

Well, last week did not go as planned at all.  I cooked a total of zero meals until today.  My husband ended up in the hospital for 5 days on a clear liquid diet.  We postponed our Thanksgiving until today.  Needless to say he was ready to eat real food today.  I made a feast and there are tons of leftovers!

Weekly Meal Plan:

Sunday: Thanksgiving Dinner

Monday:  Creamed turkey over biscuits, carrot and raisin slaw

Tuesday:  Mashed potato pancakes, bacon, eggs, homemade applesauce

Wednesday: Turkey noodle soup

Thursday:  Leftover soup

Friday: might be homemade, it might not be.  We will see how ambitious I am. :)

Saturday:  We never got to go to our dinner and movie because my husband was sick, so we might do that. 

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