Monday, August 27, 2012

$5 Savings Plan

Have you ever heard of the $5 Savings Plan?  I hadn't until I found it on Pinterest.  It is one of the coolest things ever!  Honestly!  Here is how it ALL your $5 bills.  That is it.  Pretty darn simple if you ask me!

I started this plan 6 months ago.  I decided to also add my change (when I remember), but you can do whatever you want.  Once the jar gets too full I swap the $5 bills our for $20 bills.  I decided to count it all just to see how much I had.  **Drum roll please**  I have saved $336.37 in six months!  That is incredible because I honestly do not miss a $5 here and there when I pull it out of my wallet.

It might not seem like much to some people, but that is money I'm not missing.  I RARELY take money out of the jar (I have for the car wash a few times) because I want to see how much I can save in a year.  I love knowing that I could buy Christmas gifts with it.  Use it towards a vacation, or just not spend it at all.  It is just nice to have a little cushion of money you never think about spending.

This would also be great for $1 bills or even $10 bills.  You can even use it just for your change.  It is your savings plan, so you make the all adds up.  I bet you could have your Christmas paid for by November if you start this today!  Maybe you have a family vacation planned this summer.  Why not start saving with this?  You can use it for WHATEVER you wardrobe, new shoes, down payment on a car, ect.  You set the rules and time limit.  

Now there is a down side to this plan.  Unlike budgeting $X in your monthly income, you don't exactly know how much you will be saving each month.  So if you have a specific dollar amount you want to reach in a specific time frame you may want to rethink this strategy.  But I would still do this "jar savings" plan as well.  I have not missed a single dime that has gone in this jar. 

I hope this inspires someone to start saving today!

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  1. Great idea! I used to save my $1 bills and I remember at the end of the 6 months one time I had almost $300. We paid for Christmas with cash that year and that started my journey of paying for things with cash first.

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