Thursday, August 23, 2012


I am so excited you decided to hop onto Blissful Firefly Lane and see what I have to offer!  If you want to know a little about me and my mission in life PLEASE read my "About Me" at the top of this page.  Some of you might be wondering what Blissful Firefly Lane is.  Besides the fact that I think it is cute there is some meaning behind it. :)

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE fireflies.  I always have.  They bring back so many wonderful childhood memories for me.  Happy memories that I will cherish forever....thus the "Blissful" part of the title.  Fireflies remind me of summer; wonderful summer nights!  Growing up my grandparents owned an apple orchard.  I used to spend all of my summer days there and MANY summer nights as well.  Those days and sleepovers are my favorite childhood memory.

I feel that every child should be as lucky as I was.  I have amazing grandparents who I am still very close to.  I also had great parents that allowed me to experience this.  My sister, cousin, and I used to spend all of our time at the orchard.  Our days were filled with playing in our tree house, swinging from our tire swing, playing with baby chicks, snuggling with our many cats and kittens, taking long walks through the apple trees, riding bikes, swimming, and simply using our imaginations as much as we could.

We created so many wonderful memories that I will cherish forever.  To this day I look forward to sitting out on my deck when the fireflies come out.  As a kid they held so much magic for me.  I would sit amazed at how something so small could glow so bright.  We used to catch them in our jars and watch them light up.  Now I sit on my deck, reading my Nook, with a glass of iced tea and wait for the firefly magic to happen.  

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