Saturday, August 25, 2012

Scour Off-1, Dirty Oven- 0

I CAN'T believe I am about to show you this.  This is the one place in my house I am absolutely embarrassed about showing you.  My oven is used constantly and it is neglected.  Let's face it....I don't clean it.  I HATE the self cleaning portion of it because I need to carve out 3+ hours to run it.  It gets really hot in here, the windows and fans need to be in full force, and it STINKS.  Sure, if I would do it frequently these downfalls might not be a problem.  However, that just isn't me.

**WARNING:  This is the might be the most disgusting thing you will ever see on this blog....EVER!**


This before picture makes me look like a disgusting slob.  I promise I'm not.  If you know me in real life please vouch for me. ;)  Here is the deal...that white junk you see all over...see it?  How can you miss it!?!  That white stuff is residual baking soda.  Yeah, I attempted to clean the oven with baking soda and vinegar MONTHS ago.  It obviously didn't do a good job and I obviously was lazy and didn't scrub very hard.  You see that junk all over the bottom?  That is my lovely sweet potato casserole that bubbled over early in December.

Please don't look down on me.  Please...pretty please.  I'm going to take that disgusting before picture and turn it into a positive.  That picture just goes to show that I really do cook at home 6-7 days a week.  I generally like one night off, but on occasion that doesn't happen.

Here is the deal...the other night I had enough of that disgusting oven.  I grabbed my Shaklee Scour Off Paste and started scrubbing.  I gave myself a 30 min time limit and wanted to see what I could accomplish.  Well, 30 min wasn't quite enough because...face it...this oven was GROSS.  Instead, I spent 40 min and my end results are very impressive if I do say so myself.


It doesn't even look like the same oven!  This Scour Off is AMAZING!  It smells like berries, I wasn't in a full hazmat suit, and my husband wasn't complaining about dying of fumes/smoke.  I just used a small amount on a damp microfiber cloth and kept scrubbing in circular motions.  I would then rinse and repeat.  This is my end result.  I'm going to do a spot treatment on a few areas that were super nasty and gross, but for the most part I am pleased.  I PROMISE I will never let it get that bad again.  Now that I have found a safe product I actually like it will be much easier.

 Off and finding something else to Scour Off,

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