Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Cleaning Kids Toys

I tend to cringe when I see commercials using bleach to clean kids toys.  Toys get gross because kids put them in their mouths, have sticky fingers, and play outside.  I honestly do not want my child to put bleach in their mouth!

This last weekend my sister put Basic H2 to the test on my nieces toys.  She mixed 1/4tsp of the sample in 16oz of water to make the All-Purpose cleaner.  She sprayed the toys and wiped them off.  Viola!  It really is that simple AND it is SAFE!  

Before: You can't tell, but they are pretty dirty!

Sooooo Simple!

All clean! 
The bonus is that this only took not even 10 minutes to do.  The entire bottle you see in the above picture costs $0.03!  

Thank you for cleaning my sensory ball, Mommy!  

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