Thursday, October 18, 2012

Healthy Skin

I am the furthest thing from a beauty guru, so if you are looking for make-up and fashion tips....please look away!  *LOL*  While I do love make-up and fashion, I wouldn't consider myself knowledgeable to give advice.  :)

One thing I do know a little about and that is skin care.  I have been obsessed with not getting wrinkles since I turned 20.  I am now 30.  No joke when I say I have tried most products on the market.  Some of them are drug store brand, while others have been up scale brands.  

The problem with this...I have such sensitive skin!  EVERYTHING I would use caused my eyes to burn.  It was awful.  Then I found Enfuselle.

Long gone are my days with burning eyes, and itchy cheeks.  My skin care routine includes the Purifying Cleansing Gel, Eye Make-Up Remover, Eye Treatment, and the Hydrating Moisturizer.  It might seem like a lot of products, but it isn't.  This is what works for me.  Some people might find they need less products and some might need more.  Everyone's skin is different!

I had horrible acne as a young teen, but luckily I grew out of that.  My mom would take me to the doctor and they would prescribe horrible creams that would dry my face out so much it would CRACK!  I wish I had known about Enfuselle then.

Since starting Enfuselle about 6 months ago, I can count on one hand the number of blemishes I have gotten.  My eyes no longer burn and my skin no longer itches!  

My friend Erin over at Healthy Branscom's has a WONDERFUL Enfuselle story. 

She is such a beautiful person inside and out!  

If you are on the fence about spending more than drug store prices....DON'T be!  Enfuselle products might cost a little bit more, but they last a LONG time.  I bought my products 6 months ago and I still have about 2 months more use out of them!  That is 8 months of products I use DAILY!  

What type of skin do you have?  Winter is horrible on mine, so I'm glad I have my Hydrating Moisturizer! 

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