Wednesday, January 2, 2013

10 Random Facts

I thought it would be fun to start the new year off right.  Here are 10 random facts you may, or may not know about me!  :D
  1. I am a HUGE Minnesota Vikings fan.  Win or lose, I will always be a fan.
  2. I have a weird obsession with keeping my floors clean.
  3. I would rather clean a toilet than dust.  Yes, I despise dusting that much.
  4. I HATE leftovers...with the exception of soup.  I usually pawn all the leftover off on my husband. :)
  5. I love cats and tolerate dogs.  :)
  6. I am obsessed with cute little cloth diapers.
  7. Pancakes are my favorite food.
  8. If I am in a public restroom and I see someone not wash their hands I will tell them to.  It is just so GROSS!  Why would you not wash your hands?!
  9. If a cashier is being extremely rude to me, I will be extremely nice to them!  It makes people so mad when you are nice to them when they are being mean.  I say "kill'em with kindness"!
  10. Mouths and lips gross me out.  The thought of putting my hands near someones mouth makes me want to puke.   I could NEVER be a dentist! 
There you go!  Ten not-so-important facts about me.  I bet your day is now complete knowing these little tidbits.  ;)  

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