Thursday, January 17, 2013


Last week I talked about nutritional yeast.  This week I want to talk about something else you may have never heard of.  Chia Seeds.  I LOVE chia seeds.  Yes, these are the same seeds used when growing a chia pet.  *LOL*  Do you think I'm nuts yet?  I promise I'm not.  :)

These little seeds hold so many health benefits!

1.  They help you lose weight.  They help you feel full faster because they absorb liquid and bulk up.  
2.  They are packed full of Omega-3.  This is great for preventing heart disease.  They actually have more Omega -3 than Salmon! 
3.  They help control blood sugar.  Chia seeds help slow down how fast our bodies convert carbs to sugar.
4. They are a complete protein.   This means you are going to have more energy through out the day. 

For me, adding chia seeds into my diet was a no brainer.  I heard about them a few years ago, but I was intimidated.  I basically forgot about them until about 2 months ago.  This is when I went to see a dietician.  She reintroduced them to me and told me about all the great benefits they pack.  
I just had no idea WHAT to do with them.  I was afraid they would taste horrible.  Basically, I was dumb and uneducated about their greatness.  Chai seeds are so easy to incorporate into our daily diets and they have no taste!  
I like adding mine to greek yogurt and oatmeal.  They are also great to add to your baking.  I don't do much baking, but on occasion we like muffins for breakfast.  Adding chia seeds to the muffins is great!  I also recommend adding them to smoothies and fruit salads.  

There are A LOT of brands out there.  And most grocery stores carry chia seeds in their health food section.  I just chose the Dole brand because it was about $5 cheaper than the others.  I will need more in a few weeks and I think I will try another brand.  These are the milled seeds and they say they don't lose any nutritional value, but next time I will be getting the whole seed variety.  I am still fairly new to the chia bandwagon.  ;) 

If you can't find them in your store, look on Amazon.  Amazon has everything.  :)  

What are you waiting for?  Go get some chia seeds and get healthy! 

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