Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekly Meal Plan 1.20-1.26

Another week, another meal plan.  How was your week?  We did really well in the eating department around here.  I got a new cookbook that I will be diving into this week.  I have several new recipes marked.  I love this cookbook because it has all the nutritional information for each recipe.  The recipes are healthier than their counterparts, but do not sacrifice taste and ingredient quality.  

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Weekly Meal Plan:

Sunday: Crockpot lasagna and salad.  New recipe from my new cookbook!  
Monday:  BBQ chicken drumsticks, mashed potatoes, steamed veggie.

Tuesday: Stirfry (made with veggies I froze this summer) and rice (or noodles)

Wednesday:  Loaded salads and fruit. 

Thursday:  Egg sandwiches and fruit smoothies.

Friday:  White bean and kale soup.



  1. Crockpot lasagna sounds really good! I've never made lasagna in there but I bet it would work really well. I like your ??? for Saturday. If I added to Saturday to my planning that's what mine would say as well :)

  2. Unfortunately, I did not get my act together and didn't have time to make the crockpot version. My parents were coming over and I lost track of time! The recipe looks so good and I will be making it in there soon! I will be sure to share the recipe and how it turns out. I never plan for Saturday's. *L* It is generally my day off in the kitchen and we go out to eat. We really only eat out once a week, so Saturday is a good day to do that. If we don't go out I find something to make at home. :)