Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Body Turnaround Challenge

The Body Turnaround Challenge is here!  I'm so excited to introduce something fun, exciting and innovative with you.  Are you tired of hanging onto those last 5-10lbs you have been hanging onto?  Do you have 20, 30, 50, or even 100+ pounds to lose?  Are you tired of having no energy?  Do you want to maintain the healthy weight you already are?  Are you pregnant (like me) and want to focus on proper nutrition?  If you answered YES to any of those questions then I have something for YOU!  

Imagine This~

You lose your fat FOREVER!!!!

We tell you exactly what to eat & show you how to exercise (in 3 minutes a day) for 90 days


We show you how to keep it off for another 90 days!

You will receive your favorite flavored, yummy health smoothies and snacks.  (The ones that actually fill you up but don't weigh you down!)  They are designed to help burn the fat while maintaining your muscle.  (You need the muscle to keep your metabolism up- that's a great thing!)
You will not go hungry!! (You will not be hungry while you turn your body around!  We provide a meal by meal online program...Basically, you will not need to think about it.  You just start losing the inches.
You set the goals, we set the plan! (Each plan is designed for you!)  We have plans for you to turnaround your body and shape, stay lean and mean AND a maintenance plan so you never gain it back....EVER!!!
You will also get an accountability online program to keep track of your progress.  You will also be able to post updates directly on to Facebook (with pictures if you want-we know how you like posting pics of food!) 
You will be part of our Body Turnaround Challenge online forum!  You will join other like-minded and focused people to keep you on track.  You will have access to a personal trainer so you can ask fitness questions and the right answers!  You will also receive daily motivation so you will stay motivated and not fall off.
You will finally be able to wear your skinny jeans again! This is the only program that guarantees that you will burn ONLY FAT! So, you know your efforts will not only show it on the scale but you will literally see the inches falling off. You will exercise 3 minutes a day!
You will feel strong, motivated, and determined!  You will feel the best you have in a really long time.  You will be happy!
This program works and is doctor recommend!
Don't make weight loss the top of your New Year's Resolutions every year.  Make a PERMANENT and HEALTHY lifestyle a part of your daily life starting NOW!  

Shaklee 180!
  Be sure to contact me for more info! 

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