Tuesday, January 22, 2013

24 Week Update!

Sorry, I didn't get a picture taken and I wanted to get this post up because it is late!  I will do better next time.  :)

As of today I am 24 weeks 4 days.  Time if flying!  I can't even believe it.  I start going weekly now.  This is a high risk pregnancy and we knew that going into it.  Our eyes have been wide open the whole time and I have AMAZING doctors that watch us closely.  

Can I just take a minute to tell you how wonderful all my doctors and nurses are?  I have my primary o.b., but I have been rotating through all of them as well.  You never know who will be on call when you go into labor.  :)  Everyone is amazing!  They are all so sweet and caring.  Never once am I made to feel that my questions are stupid.  Never once have I been made to feel bad about myself.  I have heard horror stories from some people and I was so worried going into this.  

We knew I would have a great chance for G.D. going in because my thyroid gets so messed up.  We now know with 100% certainty it is NOT my diet.  The first time I met with the dietician I was certain she was going to "scold" me for something.  That has NEVER happened.  I get complimented all the time on how awesome my diet is.  I keep a food journal along with a b.s. journal and take it with me to my appointments.  My body just insulin resistant and being pregnant is not making it easier.

Landry is doing GREAT!  He is an active little guy with a strong heart beat around 150 every time I go in.  I'm so excited because I get another u/s in 2 weeks.  I love seeing his little face. :)  

I only have 1.5 more weeks of working outside of the home left.  I am so excited to focus on getting things ready for him.  Plus my feet will be thanking me.  They get so swollen at night.  My mom, sister, niece, and I went Outlet Mall shopping last week.  He has more clothes than me!  I got some ADORABLE things for him.  I can't wait to dress him up in all these preppy little outfits.  :) 

Sleeping has been near impossible!  I do not sleep through the night.  I either have to get up and go to the bathroom, or my hips start hurting.  Plus I have never been a great sleeper, so it doesn't really bother me.  

I still get morning sickness.  Every.single.day.  That means I am still on Zofran.  Once the Zofran kicks in I am good to go for the rest of the day.  Unless, the dogs do something gross that makes me gag.  Dog owners know the kinds of things I'm talking about!  

That is all for the 24 week update.  I am eating like a rockstar, I work out (pregnancy yoga) 3-4 days a week, and my blood pressure is awesome.  Right now I am just battling my blood sugars.  I know I will be on insulin before this pregnancy is over.  Right now I am just learning what my body likes to be fueled with and when.  All this hard work and healthy lifestyle has led me to only gain 6lbs so far!  I blame a few of those pounds on being swollen when I stepped on the scale and wearing a heavy hooded sweatshirt.  :)

This weekend I will be going and purchasing a fake wedding ring.  LOL  Mine is starting to get tight and I don't want to forget and have to have it cut off!  And I feel naked without it on!  

I hope everyone is having a great beginning of the week.  Landry and I are going to go snuggle under a blanket for awhile.  ;) 

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