Friday, December 14, 2012

Cards: Saving Money and Keeping Organized

Is it just me, or are cards outrageously priced?  I love looking at cards, but I just don't see the point of spending $4 on something people are going to throw away (or in my case recycle).  Over the past two years I have implemented a system that saves me time, stress, and money on the act of card giving.  :)

Do you want in on a little secret?  It is so easy and a no brainer!  I toyed with the idea of even writing about this because I feel that a lot of you might already do this, but I am going to share anyways.

1.  I HATE when I realize I missed a birthday or anniversary.  I feel bad sending a card late.  Or I really hate when I realize someone has a birthday in just a couple days and I won't be going to a store to get a card.  I live in the middle of nowhere, so just running to Walmart isn't an option most days.  

I have alleviated this problem by grabbing a free calender from my vets office every December.  :)  You might be thinking I am crazy, but I promise I am not.  This calendar hangs in my hallway I walk by SEVERAL times a day.  On this calender I write everyone's birthday/anniversary on the appropriate day and the number of years behind it. I just transfer everything off it from the previous year. 

This is awesome for me because I see this daily and I always try to scan it when I flip the page the beginning of the month.  The best is free.  A LOT of places hand out free wall calenders as Thank You's during the holiday season.  Make sure to pick one up, or you can purchase them at anywhere.  

2.  I always have cards on hand!  I am a huge fan of those boxes of cards.  I like having birthday and sympathy ones on hand.  They come in handy and they have a wide variety of designs in each box.  Plus they are really affordable!  

I also have boxes of thank you's in the house.  I currently have my Shaklee Thank You's (not shown), regular, and baby Thank You's.  I found the baby ones at the Christian Book Store for 50% off!  I made sure I grabbed a few boxes.  You never know when someone might give you something and you need to drop them a little note.  It is the polite thing to do.  :)  

Next, I really like having a few Bridal Shower, Wedding, Mother's Day, ect cards on hand.  This way if I forget to get one at the store, or if a date sneaks up on me I have one on hand.  

I like going to places like Target and Walmart to get these cards because they have sections of $.99 and $.49 cards.  If I have a few extras then I am not wasting my time and gas driving 30 miles one way to purchase a card.  Saves time and money!  

Another thing I like to do is purchase my Christmas cards when they go on sale for the following year.  I can get a box of 12 for around a $1!  I always make sure I pick up a few boxes of my favorite designs.  

Do you like to spend a lot on cards?  I used to, but over the years I have changed my way of doing them.  I display them for the appropriate amount of time and then they get recycled.  I just don't like spending a lot on them and I don't like the clutter.

I actually think giving a box of mixed cards would be the PERFECT Christmas gift for a grandparent, or really anyone.  They have boxes where there are x number of birthday, sympathy, thank you, ect.  Plus they are fairly cheap.  Or you could always make your own cards and get creative!  

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