Monday, December 24, 2012

Week 20 Update!

It is so hard to believe I am 20 weeks and half way done with this pregnancy.  On Friday we had our anatomy scan, regular ob appointment, and I had to do my glucose testing.  I won't know the result of the glucose test until Wednesday due to the holiday. 

The appointment went really well.  Baby is measuring 10oz and my fundal height is measuring right on.  Plus I have only gained 2lbs.  I have no idea how this is even happening!  All I can think of (and my doctor agrees) is  that I am not eating for two.  Sure I have a few sweet treats, BUT I do not pig out on them and it is not constant.  For the most part I just eat fruit, chicken, veggies, and a few carbs.  I am confident I will be able to stay within my 20lb range. :)

I do not stuff myself with a lot of empty calories during the day.  I try to make wise and healthy decisions.  I don't deprive myself of what I want...I just don't go overboard.  I have one more month of working outside of the home and then I will strictly be working my Shaklee business from home!  I am so EXCITED!!!

We found out the gender of this baby!  Are you ready?!

 We found out we are having a sweet little boy!  I am still kind of in shock because I have thought this was a girl from day one.  I never even really toyed with the idea of a boy. *L*  There is NO mistaking that this is a little boy.  Needless to say, my child is NOT shy and he was flashing the goods.  We didn't even need the u/s tech to tell us it was a boy. 

We are so happy to be the parents of little Landry Martin!  

My husband is already excited for all the Minnesota Vikings gear, Hot Wheels, RC Cars, and little golf clubs! 

Watch out Tiger and Adrian...Landry is going to give you a run for your money!  ;) 

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