Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekly Meal Plan 12.9--12.15

Happy Monday, Friends!  My eating from the pantry/freezer has been going great!  I realized just how much food had accumulated in this house these last 4 months.  I just hadn't been cooking properly since becoming pregnant.  I was dealing with (and still am a bit) nausea, heartburn, and sheer exhaustion!  

I only spent $20 this week on groceries.  I went to Sam's Club and got a TON of Cuties (tiny mandarin oranges--I have been going through these like candy!), OJ, Cranberry juice, milk, and bananas.    

Crazy to think that was all I needed!  You might be wondering where all the fresh veggies are.  Well, living in Iowa they just aren't in season right now.  My freezer is packed with fresh frozen veggies I put away this summer.  We have been eating on them.  :) 

Weekly Meal Plan:

Sunday: Roast, potatoes, corn

Monday: Rotisserie chicken, fried potatoes (I made a bunch on Sunday for the week.), green beans

Tuesday:  Homemade chicken noodle soup

Wednesday: Breakfast (toast, eggs, fruit)

Thursday:  Dinner with our Doula!!!

Friday:  Leftover soup

Saturday: ???

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