Sunday, December 16, 2012

Easy $2 Gift Tutorial

This is such an easy gift idea and the best part is that it only costs $2!  If you are looking for a last minute gift, or need a little something extra check this out.  These would be perfect for co-workers, secret santa's, or just about female adult.  I guess you could give it to a guy too.  Especially, if he liked cooking.

The first thing you need is a pot holder and coordinating kitchen towel.  You can get these for $1 each at Dollar Tree! 

Put the pot holder "face down" and line the kitchen towel "face down" on top of the pot holder.  Make sure the center of the towel and center of the pot holder are lined up.  Once they are both lined up in the center I put a few pins in to secure it.  

Then you can either sew a straight stitch by hand, or I used my sewing machine for short work.  

Once the straight stitch is done snip the excess thread.  When you hold it up the pot holder will have the plain side facing outwards.  Bring the loop of the holder up and sew a button on to secure it.  This is not done in this picture because this was my mom's job. :)   I decided it would be ok to not show the button because I will not see these again to take pictures.  Once she is done with the buttons they have new homes. 

They are so easy to make!  I was able to get 10 of these done in less than an hour.  My mom then took them home and she will be sewing a big button on, so the loop can be hooked.  These are perfect for hanging on the door of your oven.  She plans on giving them to the people she works with.  

Let me know if you make these! 

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