Sunday, September 23, 2012

Candle To Candy Dish...

This little girl may or may not have broken my candy dish recently....

She may look all innocent, but there IS a reason why we call her "Hurricane Olive".  Me being cheap and all, I decided to hit up Goodwill to find a new candy dish.  That was a joke!  I love Goodwill, but whenever I am looking for something specific I can never find it.  I bet if I went their tomorrow there would be 5 candy dishes for sale.  :/  Oh well, I got creative!

I love Slatkin and Co. candles, but they are expensive at $20 each full price!  I rarely buy them for full price.  Heck, I rarely buy them!  I generally just go to the BeanPod candle outlet.  A while ago I did decide to splurge a little on the Slatkin and Co. candles and got a few of them for 50% off.  $10 per candle is still steep in my book.  

I feel bad just throwing the candles away once they are burnt, so I decided to turn it into a candy dish.

 Step 1:  Get one used candle.  :)

 Step 2:  Put candle in the freezer overnight.  I think you might be able to get away with a few hours, but you want it so cold the remaining wax cracks.

Step 3:  Take a butter knife and pry the cracked pieces of wax out.  Once you get the first piece out the others come out really easily.

Step 4:  Wash candle in hot soapy water.  This will get the remaining wax particles out and the label off the front.  These candles have labels that come off really easily!

Step 5:  Even though I washed it by hand really well, it still smelled like candle.  I decided to put the jar and lid in the dishwasher.

Step 6: Take out of dishwasher and fill with your favorite candy!  I love how candy corn looks in jars. 

This is a really easy way to re-use something you would normally throw away.  You can use clean candle jars for so many supplies, cotton balls, hair ties, ect.  Use your imagination! 

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