Monday, September 3, 2012

Iced Tea

I was in the grocery store the other day and found something I thought was odd.  Iced tea that was already made.  I have never bought a gallon of pre-made iced tea from the store.  This stuff was $1.99 ON SALE! 

Ok, that is fine and dandy, but why would anyone buy this pre made junk?  It is a ploy for companies to get you to spend money.  I buy a huge box of organic black tea bags for a few dollars.  Each tea bag comes out to $0.05.  I add three to my pitcher and add water.  I then set it on my deck for a few hours.  Viola!  I have freshly brewed tea for under $0.20 a pitcher! 

Again, why would anyone buy the pre-made stuff when you can have this?  Home brewed tastes so much better!  If you want to sweeten it up I recommend making your own simple syrup, or you can add some lemon.  I prefer mine plain, but use your imagination.  Don't waste your money on convenience beverages at the grocery store. 

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